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      SWSO End of Year Concert

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Violin and Cello Introductory Course - Term 2

Violin and Cello Introductory Course - Term 2

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartThursday 9 May 2024

FinishThursday 27 June 2024

Registration Dates

OpenTuesday 27 February 2024

CloseThursday 16 May 2024

FeesTerms and conditions

This 8 week Introductory Course is designed to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of the violin and cello.

The Introductory Course will take place from 4 - 4.30pm on Thursdays at Harrington Park Community Centre.
*Please note times may vary slightly depending on numbers*

Students will need to hire or purchase their own instrument and you can hire an instrument for as little as $5.60 a week! Students will also need to purchase the method book Essential Elements Book 1 for violin or cello.

Creative Kid Vouchers accepted!

In the 8 week course your child will:
- Learn about the different parts of the instruments and how to take care of it
- Read simple melodies on the music staff
- Use pizzicato and the bow to play simple melodies
- Recognise different rhythms and play on their instrument
- Play scales in various ways on their instrument
- Develop their aural and listening skills
- Give a short concert in front of a live audience

Term 1 Introductory Cello Group performing after 7 lessons: https://youtu.be/xymI-uVYHa4


    • 150 Per Student

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit Card

South West Sydney Orchestras would like to thank Byles Anjos Lawyers for their sponsorship.
Byles Anjos Lawyers
Web balawyers.com.au

Terms and conditions

  • Our Code of Conduct, to be observed by all musicians and their families:

    - You must respect the instrument tutor supervising and other SWSO parents, children and volunteers at all times. Any rudeness or offensive behaviour may result in the suspension or cancellation of your course.

    - If you are unable to attend, you must contact the Orchestra Manager by email at fgyo.manager@gmail.com.

    - You must ensure you pack all necessary music, your instrument, music stand, a pencil and eraser for all lessons.

    - You are required to dress and act in a professional manner at all events.
  • Photos and Social Media

    - In joining the Introductory Course, all members and their families have granted permission to the South West Sydney Orchestras and its committee to use photographs, photographic and artistic interpretations and other replications of you in any publicity material, including but not limited to social media platforms, printed media and on the official South West Sydney Orchestras website.

    - If any musician or their family wishes for a specific photograph, interpretation or replication to be removed from the public view, they must raise this with the Manager or President as soon as possible.
  • Requirements for Introductory Course

    - Musicians are required to hire or purchase your own instrument to bring to lessons. Violins and Cellos can be hire from 4 Strings for as little as $45 a term. Visit this site for details. https://sites.google.com/view/4strings
    For more rental options contact fgyo.manager@gmail.com

    - Musicians are required to purchase the method book Essential Elements Book 1
  • The Introductory course fees are non-refundable.

    If the musician decides to join SWSO after the Introductory Course, then a credit of $100 will be given to go towards the membership.